Among all those places we’ve been in the East Coast, I left my heart in Richmond! What a fun city! It has everything that a big city could offer but doesn’t feel overwhelming at all! I so loved this place, I started searching for houses when we came back! You cannot even imagine how low is the cost of living!

There’s artist and musician communities that give the city its unique vibe. You can see real good street art everywhere! Many great farm-to-table restaurants with reasonable prices. The city is very diverse and vibrant, hosts many students from all around the world. We’ve really enjoyed Richmond! We will go back real soon, that’s for sure!

We’ve stayed in Carytown, a very hip neighborhood of Richmond. It was close to pretty much everything. It felt nice to leave the motorbike and explore the city by just walking around.

The house we stayed was just across the street from the historical Byrd Theatre. The back door was opening up to the heart of Carytown and the front door was opening up to a quiet residential block. It felt like 2 different places at once. If you want city life, leave from the back door. If you want to take it easy, just swing on the front porch!

There’s no place on Earth that could take comparison to New York. New York is a different world. Richmond cannot keep up with that but it doesn’t have to… We really enjoyed our stay and I could totally live in Richmond.


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