Well, as you may all know, being in the city in summer time can be a little overwhelming sometimes. So we decided to get out and explore what Upstate New York has to offer. We rode around 300 miles in one day with our motorcycle, avoided all the highways and it was awesome! Our destination was Kaaterskill Falls but we also made other stops along the way.


One of them was the Catskill Animal Sanctuary. It is a 110-acre haven for horses and farm animals that are rescued from industry’s or individuals’ cruelty and neglect. Every animal has his/her own heart-breaking story. For example, that horse in the photo is blind. His eyes were removed to save him from the pain because he had some kind of illness and he’s been let live that way till he was brought to the sanctuary.

catskill-2Serhan is holding Emmett, the rooster. Super lovable, loves to be held and the guide told us he even lets people to kiss his crest which is an impossible thing to do to a rooster. We were amazed.

catskill-3 catskill-4

They are all being treated as individuals. They have names and volunteers know every one of them really well. Some of them really like attention, some of them are shy and they’re just being let to be however they want to be. This place is really doing a great job. Pay them a visit if you’re passing by. They do have tours on the weekends till October.


We finally made it to the Kaaterskill Falls, it was a long but a beautiful ride. Doesn’t the trail in the woods look amazing? It took us to the midlevel of the falls where there was a swimming hole!



The view and the water were spectacular. It was totally what we needed. We were at the top of the Catskill Mountains, swimming in a fall, what else could one ask for?

It was a long ride but well worth it!


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