Camping for couple of nights along the way after St. Augustine, we arrived in the charming Delray Beach.

Now Delray is a small city but it has this different vibe than most of the other Florida towns that we’ve visited. It certainly has a big restaurant scene and Atlantic Avenue is just lovely to walk on. Restaurants and cafes have tables on sidewalks, it kind of reminded us of what we’re used to in our hometown.

Coming to Delray was also very enjoyable, riding all the way down from A1A, just inhaling the ocean breeze along the way.

We went to Saltwater Brewery Brewery (of course) to taste some beers and mostly hanged out around the beach.

Also took a stroll around Pineapple Art District. If you like fancy restaurants, Delray is for you but you could also find budget activities like the beautiful Morikami Museum or the nature trail in Wakodahatchee Wetlands.

The best thing about Delray for us was to stay with Michelle, David and their lovely daughter Kayla. We just enjoyed our conversations and Dave’s guitar playing more than anything.

Not to mention their cutest pugs. They were all so amazing that’s why we mostly hanged out at home haha 🙂

We even participated in a beetle rescue all together. Even though the beetle passed away after a few days, the memories will stay with us all our lives.

Our next stop was Miami. We’ve been to Miami in the past and we didn’t like the city that much. This time though, we actually were very impressed. Everyone we talked to said that the city has changed unbelievably over the past few years. It was certainly nothing like we remembered it.

You could see the progression in the art scene of the city. An art District called Wynwood where you could find hip restaurants, art studios and galleries and also numerous amazing murals on its walls, has emerged. It kind of reminded us of Bushwick in Brooklyn.

There’s an outdoor street art gallery, named again the Wynwood Walls, showcases the works of street artists on huge walls and it’s always changing. We really enjoyed it.

PAMM is also another spot you should check out if you’re into arts.

Of course there was Little Havana where we had the most fun.

To our luck we were there on one of the Viernes Culturales. It was vivacious!

People on the streets, artisans, live music, cigar rolling guys, elderly playing domino…

It was possible to find all sorts of entertainment.

Ball&Chain was the fancy live music spot on Calle Ocho but they had happy hour until 7pm 🙂

Food at Exquisito Restaurant was to die for and the prices were reasonable.

We stayed with Melinda and her senior pup Graysen. We didn’t know Melinda neither did she know us. We even didn’t know the person who inquired about us 🙂 She treated us like a friend. She was so hospitable and made us feel super relaxed.

We even went back to stay with her again another night coming back from Everglades.

Don’t worry, we haven’t forgotten about the beach. We took a ride on the famous Ocean Drive on a Friday night. It was ridiculously crowded. Just to be away from the tourist crowds we went to North Beach on our last day before we head to the southernmost point of the States; Key West.


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