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We’ve spent an afternoon in St. Augustine before we camped in Matanzas Forest that night. That’s another story which I’ll come to in a little bit.

St. Augustine is the oldest city in the United States. It was established by the Spanish and you can see that spirit is evident in many ways like its architecture. St. Augustine’s charming and historical character makes it a must-see destination in the northeastern Florida. It was on our way so of course we had to check it out.

Castillo de San Marcos National Monument is right by the water in downtown area.

Given the location of the city, it’s a bit windy so it makes it a great spot for sailing boats and they’re sailing with the views of the magnificent Castillo de San Marcos and Bridge of Lions.

We also wanted to visit Fort Matanzas but because of the damage Hurricane Matthew created last October, the ferry service that takes people to the Fort and back was suspended.

Instead we just walked around the narrow streets of the city, got popsicles from the Hyppo and took some photos.

Then we head to the forest around 5p where we were going to camp out.

The story about the forest is that the primitive campground was really 3-4 miles into the forest and the road that took us there was all sand and gravel. Normally that wouldn’t be a problem with the bike we have but because we were fully loaded, the bike’s tires are inflated accordingly and that wasn’t very convenient for that kinda road. At some point I had to get off and walk almost 1.5 miles.

And It took us almost an hour to arrive in the campground. We’re talking about just a few miles 🙂 It wasn’t fun and especially not under the Florida sun.

And when we finally arrived there was no light, no humans, nothing in sight except a couple of persistent racoons who seemed to be very curious about us 🙂 At some point I think we might’ve seen a bobcat. It was quite an adventure but we made through the night.

Luckily our ride the next day was gorgeous on the very famous A1A. We enjoyed the beauty of the Atlantic Ocean on our left for miles and miles and that made just everything perfect.


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