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Siesta Key Beach is in Sarasota and happens to be one of the best beaches in US. Since we were super close, we wanted to check it out.

Well, we’re from the Mediterranean so our standards are really high 🙂 but considering it’s an ocean beach, it was pretty good. The sand was thin and beautiful, water was super clear and calm. It goes on for miles so if you want to be away from the hotel zone, you can which was exactly what we did. One other great thing about this beach is that you could find free parking right before you enter. It was terrible in Clearwater. While you’re driving to the beach, you pass through Ocean Blvd where you can see all these beautiful homes right above the ocean. They must have like the best view, seriously.

Like a mile away from the beach, there’s this cute, little town called Siesta Key Village (obviously).

It was Saint Patrick’s Day and a lovely Friday afternoon so every restaurant/bar was full, everybody seemed like they were having a good time.

We had other plans, though. As we mentioned in an earlier post, we wanted to check out JDUB’s Brewery in Sarasota so we were headed there. When you arrive, there’s this smell coming from the brewery, the smell of wheat and malt brewing 🙂 Makes you want to go in and drink all the beers 🙂

They had a nice patio outside and a good variety of tap selection. They have brewery tours, too. Well, our plan was to catch the 6 pm one but when we arrived we’ve been told that we should’ve signed up online. Anyways we couldn’t take the tour but it was ok because we could still see the kettles from a window. They had these movie characters on them like Jules Winnfield and Mad Max, it was awesome. We’re planning on going back again after the Keys to take the tour 🙂

We had the Passion Wheat Ale, boy, it was great. I love their Chocolate Porter, too but this Passion Wheat is the perfect beer to drink at the beach.  It is a refreshing wheat ale that you know but with mango and passion fruit aromas.

We loved JDUB’s Brewery, it’s a very happy place. You could even tell that from their packaging 🙂

Our next post will be about the Buddhist Temple in Tampa, Wat Mongkolratanaram. Stay tuned 🙂


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