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This park is an under-appreciated destination in Tampa. Not a lot of people know about it. It is only 2 bucks per vehicle to enter and is just beautiful.

Most cities are known for their tourist attractions such as zoos, amusement parks and things like that which we never have any intention of seeing. We’re against zoos and amusement parks for that matter. Most of the time they have connections to organizations you wouldn’t want to support or they do terrible things to innocent animals like the SeaWorld. The rest is super expensive and no fun cause what you experience is unnatural.

We look for spaces like the Lettuce Lake Park where we can be in nature itself and observe animals in their own habitats. Most of the States have amazing landscapes and you’ll be surprised of the things you’ll find if you only know what to look for 🙂

Lettuce Lake Park consists of cypress forests and wetlands as they are very common in inland Florida. You can observe a wide variety of wading birds, turtles, owls and the occasional American alligator.

We were lucky enough to see them all. We even saw a baby alligator who was resting his head on a piece of branch before he started swimming away.

If you’re in Tampa Bay area, make sure to find some time to see the Lettuce Lake, you won’t regret it.

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