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We finally started our journey yesterday and we didn’t want to ride for very long on our first day. That’s why we came to stay with Serhan’s cousin and his wife in Newark, Delaware for two days. We’ll be back on the road again on Monday morning.

When we first left, the bike felt super heavy and even though we’ve done the final tunings this past week, Serhan didn’t like the drive. We had to stop and go through the things we packed one last time, left some of the things behind and made some adjustments to the tire pressure. Our good friend Murat was with us within the first few miles and he helped us a lot with the fine-tuning process 🙂 It certainly got better but we were aware it needed some getting used to because of the extra weight.

This whole thing delayed our trip for at least a few hours. There was rain in the forecast and we knew we were going to be caught at some point on the way but we got really really wet on the road to Newark from Philly. You can see Serhan’s struggle in the rain from the video. I may not seem helpful but I shot the video for your amusement. That’s something, too, right? 🙂

What we learned on our first day

  • Pack light, even lighter.
  • Load everything, including the passenger and go for a test ride before you actually hit the road. We did the final tunings with only the fully loaded panniers and it made a whole lot of difference with the ride when the passenger and the top case were added on the bike.
  • Add extra lights on your bike, it was proved to be essential. We got Denali D4 Flood & Spot Hybrid LED Lighting Kit with the persistence of our friends Murat and Onur (AyferOnur Seyahatnamesi). It came in really handy even on our very first day for both visibility in daytime and riding in certain weather conditions.
  • Riding in the rain when it gets dark sucks. 🙂


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