We should’ve done this sooner but better late than never, right? 🙂

We were in Mexico for 10 days in mid August, wandering in the Península de Yucatán. It felt really good.

First of all Mexico is super cheap. So it gives you some kind of freedom of doing whatever it is you want to do without overthinking it. Normally it’s not that easy. Plus we forget being spontaneous living in cities like New York. We had the chance to be spontaneous with no plans, I think that just makes you a happier person and I think that’s why traveling is good for the soul.

We stayed in Playa del Carmen for about a week. It’s a city where you can find pretty much everything you’re looking for. Good restaurants, beach clubs, bad restaurants, tourist traps, local neighborhoods, gems that no one knows about and many more.

They have this huge electronic music scene since the city’s been the home for the BPM Festival for the last 10 years. It’s not surprising to hear good tunes coming from pretty much anywhere.

We’ve spent our days swimming in cenotes, drinking micheladas and mezcalitas, trying to find really good local spots and just exploring the culture… We’ve also made a day trip to Tulum, spent the day in Tulum’s amazing white sand beaches.

Before heading back to New York, we had a day in Cancún and visited Isla Mujeres, It was awesome! Probably the best beach I’ve ever been to in North America so far!

Mexico is a big country with a great culture and lovely people and surely with many more places to visit in the future. We’ll certainly be going back soon.

Enjoy the photos.


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