Pets. They’re like kids. It is pure joy to be around them and it is certainly a privilige to be their best companions. On the other hand we constantly think about how they’re doing when we’re at work or worry what we’ll do about him/her next time we travel. We have a senior pup that we always think first before we make any travel plans so we wanted to post a write-up about the options that are out there for pet owners who love to travel. Hope you’ll find it helpful.


If you’re travelling for a short period of time, the best thing is to see if you can find a friend to care for your pet. It will be somebody you know and trust plus it will be free. Of course you can always take your friend out to dinner when you come back! We were lucky enough in the past that some of our friends were able to help us about our dog when we were travelling.


If you’re planning on traveling an extended amount of time, you can try to find travelers like yourselves who would be more than happy to care for your pet in return of staying at your home free of charge. This way both sides can lower their costs related to traveling and you may have a peace of mind. You can check out Trusted Housesitters to find people to care for your home and pets.

3Doggy Hotels or Daycares

If your dog is friendly and you think he/she might be happy living with his kind for a while, then you might think of boarding him/her at a doggy day care or doggy hotel. Where I’m living there are many doggy facilities that offer cage-free environments. This option could be a bit pricey, though, but still considerable.


Rover is another option for dog owners to certainly check out prior to making travel plans. You can find sitters that offfer boarding at their own house or there are also sitters that would come and stay with your dog at your house when you’re away. You can find reviews from past clients and Rover also does a background check. A great service for both dog owners and dog lovers. You can find boarding options starting at $25 a night! Check out to see if Rover is offering services in your area.

5Take them with you

This might be the best way to go if you can take your pet with you! You don’t have to be away from him/her all this time, you get to experience the world together plus you save a lot of money by not choosing boarding or sitting.

Our pets have all different characters. Some of them are super chill, some of them are more anxious. There’s certainly something that would work best for your type of pet. Hope you can find the right option!


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